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Welcome to Words in Action

We offer Practical Voice Training Courses for making the most of your voice, your unique business tool.

Good speaking can be acquired and improved, like any other accomplishment, by practice and good teaching. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then a Voice Training course at Words in Action is for you.

Does your voice lack carrying power?
Does your voice delivery lack variety?
Do nervousness and tension affect your voice?


At Words in Action, you will learn how to:

  • care for your voice and find its power
  • produce good voice projection, clarity and resonance
  • make your vocal delivery interesting by employing variety of pitch, pace, inflection, emphasis and intonation
  • use techniques to reduce tension, take the pressure off yourself and focus your voice on the expectations of your audience
  • use your voice with impact and effectiveness


We all use voice in our everyday lives. For some of us our voice is our most important instrument of communication. To be fit for its job, it requires care and attention like any other tool. Make your voice work for you. Learn how to channel your nervous energy into an asset in your life and business.

Individual tuition £30 per hour.

Booking email olwyn@wordsinaction.co.uk

New for 2011 - 2 day residential course for businesses see www.therealretreat.co.uk/voice.php

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